Maximizing Human Potential



The Fundamental Dynamic – It’s Really Quite Simple

Frustrated American Middle Class

Uncertainty and Populism

Ecology and Socialism – Review

How Climate Made History

The Creative Use of Memory

The Search for Unity

Seeking Utopia

Fantasy – Is It All a Fantasy?

Concept of Home, Traditional and Modern

Liberal Underbelly – the Conservative Lifestyle of Modern Liberals

Me and We Values in Democratic Capitalist Societies

Give and Take in Modern Complex Society

Dynamic Humanism – On Being Human

Complex Human Mind – The Implications for Civilized Society

Global Challenge for Humanity Stated as Simply as Possible

Change and the Human Analytic Perspective In Science, Life and Reality

Pace of Change vs Societal Adjustment

Human Evolution and Artificial Super-Intelligence

Paramount World View Changes

The Integration Trend in Human Society

Two Negative Social Trends in Modern Western Civilization

Two Forces in All of Reality

The Fallacy of Dichotomous Conceptions of Reality

Three Essay Set

      Development of the Dynamic Humanism Research Perspective

      The Underlying Reason Why Western Civilization Is At Risk

      Humans – Nothing and Everything – A Matter of Perspective

Our Most Essential Human Problem

Three Essay Set

      The Fundamental Human Problem – Perceptual Limitation

      Justifying the Spiritual – Unification Perspective on Self and Reality

      Is Human Reality an Illusion??

Poof – Dealing with the Human Illusion of Limited Time and Scale

Humans and Their Societies – Bounded and Boundless

Crisis of Cooperation

The Social Disaster of Unregulated Social Media

The Power of Repetition Combined with Reward

Social Isolation – Individualism and Communication Technology

Separateness Versus Connectedness

Individual and Communal Values in Human Societies

Despair in Modern Life

Quality of Life for the Elderly in Modern Society

Inactivity – A Core Disease in Modern Complex Societies

Human Brain, Limits of Cooperation, Sustaining Complex Society

Humanity at the Crossroads

Modern Complex Society in the Civilized State – Is It Sustainable?

Should Capitalism Be Abandoned?

Economic Inequality, Income Disparity, and Plutocracy

Progressive Manifesto – Verison II

Progressive Manifesto – Version I

Market Economy vs. Market Society

Market Economy, Market Government, Market Society

9-11 Black Tuesday

Violence and the Film An Unfinished Life

Pets – An Epidemic

Giving Thanks


Granddad Waiting on Death

What’s the Point?