Maximizing Human Potential


Human Brain, Limits of Cooperation, Sustaining Complex Society

Humanity at the Crossroads

Modern Complex Society in the Civilized State – Is It Sustainable?

Global Challenge for Humanity Stated as Simply as Possible

Challenge of Opposites – with Commentary

Achieving Peace Through Global Cooperation in the Modern Era

Global Federalists – Critical Needs

Integration Trend In Human Society

Crisis of Cooperation

What Is Success?

Ultimate Human Goal

Men Vs. Women and World Needs

Gender of ME and WE

You and Me to We

Review, Brooks, The Second Mountain

The Challenge of Expanding the WE Perspective


Middle Way

Life Beyond Self

The Social Disaster of Unregulated Social Media

Social Isolation – Individualism and Communication Technology

Individual and Communal Values in Human Societies

Our Two Dynamic Human Perspectives

Separateness Versus Connectedness

Human Love Register

Three Essay Set

      The Fundamental Human Problem – Perceptual Limitation

      Justifying the Spiritual – Unification Perspective on Self and Reality

      Is Human Reality an Illusion??

Poof – Dealing with the Human Illusion of Limited Time and Scale

Dynamic Humanism – On Being Human 2

Two Major Trends in All of Reality

Religion, Spirituality and Cooperation

Ethics and the Energy Perspective

Hyper-Individualism of Economic and Political Conservatism

Give and Take in Modern Complex Society

Complex Human Mind – The Implications for Civilized Society

Pinker vs. Harari on the Future of Humanity

Challenging Future of Civilization

All Together

Despair in Modern Life