Maximizing Human Potential



The Fundamental Dynamic – It’s Really Quite Simple

Two Forces in All of Reality

Philosophy and Humanity

Dynamic Humanism – On Being Human 2

Vegan Diet and a Healthy Modern Diet

Humans and Their Societies – Bounded and Boundless

Traditional Philosophy and Oral Language

Language and Reality – The Challenge

The Power of Repetition Combined with Reward

The Continuum of Emotions

Science as a Belief System

The Fallacy of Dichotomous Conceptions of Reality

Crisis of Cooperation

Individual and Communal Values in Human Societies

Me and We Values in Democratic Capitalist Societies

Separateness Versus Connectedness

Three Essay Set

      Development of the Dynamic Humanism Research Perspective

      The Underlying Reason Why Western Civilization Is At Risk

      Humans – Nothing and Everything – A Matter of Perspective

Our Most Essential Human Problem

Three Essay Set

      The Fundamental Human Problem – Perceptual Limitation

      Justifying the Spiritual – Unification Perspective on Self and Reality

      Is Human Reality an Illusion??

Three Essay Set

      The Fundamental Dynamic – It’s Really Quite Simple

      Energy Perspective in Science, Human Energy Fields and Medicine

      The Energy Perspective and Resistance to Change in Science

Poof – Dealing with the Human Illusion of Limited Time and Scale

Progressive Manifesto – Version II

Religion, Spirituality and Cooperation

Concept of Home, Traditional and Modern

Death – the Ultimate Challenge


Granddad Waiting on Death

Only the Shadow Knows”  20/20

Sweet Melody of Me



Despair in Modern Life

Multiple ME