Maximizing Human Potential



Conservative vs. Liberal: What Makes the Difference?

Liberal Underbelly – the Conservative Lifestyle of Modern Liberals

Me and We Values in Democratic Capitalist Societies

Money, Speech and Spin in American Politics

The Social Disaster of Unregulated Social Media

Information and Division In Contemporary American Society

Extremism – Polarization

The Fallacy of Dichotomous Conceptions of Reality

The Negative Impact of Money in Politics

Market Economy, Market Government, Market Society

Global Society Monetized

Should Capitalism Be Abandoned?

Economic Inequality, Income Disparity, and Plutocracy

White Nationalism and American Patriotism

Making the National Patriot Grade

Responding to Black Tuesday, 9-11

Time for A Third Party Movement?

The Mindless Election of 2010

2020 Election – Realistic Progressive Expectations

The Hyper-Individualism of Economic and Political Conservatism

Individual and Communal Values in Human Societies

Anti-Government – Nonsense

Scientists as Liberals – Why?

Crisis of Cooperation

Seeking Utopia

Progressive Manifesto – Version II

Progressive Manifesto – Version I

Domestic and Global Issue Priorities

What Putin’s 2022 Invasion of Ukraine Reveals

Scuzzy Was He

Putin, Putin

Assessing the U.N Condemnation of Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

Two Forces in All of Reality

Inside – Out

On Qualifying for Elderdom

Campaign “Debates” and Expecting Civility??

Trump – Reasons for Nomination Success

Trump – Selling Empathetic/Populist Conservatism

Trump, Mr. Me Meets Mr. We

Trump Complex – Source and Consequences

The End of Trump – It’s Finally Over

The Trumpian Way

Trump’s Populist Appeal and Its Dire Potential Consequences


Trumpty Dumpty

Trumpty Dumpty – Again

Celebrity Stupid

Holding On

Covid and the Cult

What a Load

Assessing the Human Migration Challenge

Critical Thinking and Decision Making

The Budgetary Elephant in the Room

Election 2012: Keeping Perspective and Recognizing the World Trend Toward Integration

2018 Elections – Will the Democrats Blow It?

Integration + Election

Middle Class Frustration and Anger – Justified or Not?

Responding to the Election of Trump

9-11 Black Tuesday


Uncertainty and Populism