Maximizing Human Potential



My Approach to Interpreting Art and Religion

A Little Bit of Heaven Here

How Both Science and Religion Get “It” Wrong

Science as a Belief System

WHY DO WE EXIST? – The Ultimate Question



Assessment, Greer, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind

Dynamic Humanism

Importance of Sleep and Dreams for Subjective Reality

Letter to a Christian Nation, Review

The Moral Landscape, Review

Dynamic Humanism in a Nutshell

Overview – Reality, Mental Modes, Religion, Spirituality and Truth

Religion and Human Decision Making

Potential Collapse of Western Civilization – Internal and External Sources

On the Importance of Having and Sharing Story

Play and Creativity

Religion and the Sources of Social Values

Religious and Secular Views of Death in Light of Modern Cosmology

Death Ritual in Modern America

Science, Religion and Spirituality

Yes….But, Assessing the Global Condition of Modern Complex Society

Three Essay Set

      The Fundamental Human Problem – Perceptual Limitation

      Justifying the Spiritual – Unification Perspective on Self and Reality

      Is Human Reality an Illusion??


Humor and the Spiritual

God and Religion

On Love

“And the Greatest of These Is Love”

The Morality of Sam Harris

Crisis of Cooperation

Religion, Spirituality and Cooperation

Ethics and the Energy Perspective

Death – the Ultimate Challenge

? Capturing the Grim Reaper ?

Giving Thanks

Christmas Eve Service


Slices of Life, Long – Good – Exemplary – Extraordinary – Exquisite