Maximizing Human Potential



The Fundamental Dynamic – It’s Really Quite Simple

Overview – Reality, Mental Modes, Religion, Spirituality and Truth

Two Major Tends in Tension In Modern Society

The Challenging Future for the Human Species

Virtual Selves and Species Evolution

Human Knowledge of Reality – The Big Picture

Dynamic Perspectives on Reality – Societal Implications

System Flexibility and Human Free-Will

Illusion of Free Will

Ultimate Human Goal

What Will It Be – Humanity?

Living the Illusion

Human Reality and Flexibility in a Totally Integrated System

Is Is All There Is

Humans – The Struggle in Obscurity

Respecting the Scale of Our Ignorance

I Don’t Know

Reality – An Infinitely Remote Target

WHY DO WE EXIST? – The Ultimate Question

The Need for Progressive Elders: Youth and Age in America

Extra Terrestrials – Fantasy or Fact

      Is There Life Beyond Planet Earth?

      Excerpt – Extraterrestrial Intelligence

      Reports of Efforts to Suppress Extraterrestrial Basis of UAPs, 1947 – 2007

      Selected UAP Extraterrestrial Resources

      Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life

      Most Significant Discovery

      Reality – My Path to Discovery

Finding Nothingness

Beyond Nothingness

Potential Collapse of Western Civilization – Internal and External Sources

Yes….But, Assessing the Global Condition of Modern Complex Society

Great Uncertainty – Present State of Complex Democratic Society

Humanity at the Crossroads

Past-Present-Future and Societal Worldviews

Men Vs. Women and World Needs

Three Essay Set

      Development of the Dynamic Humanism Research Perspective

      The Underlying Reason Why Western Civilization Is At Risk

      Humans – Nothing and Everything – A Matter of Perspective

Individual and Communal Values in Human Societies


Balance = Quality


Complex Human Mind – The Implications for Civilized Society

Current Challenge for Humanity Stated as Simply as Possible

Genetic Engineering – Gene Editing In Humans

How Climate Made History

Three Essay Set

      Climate Change – Humanity’s #1 Challenge

      Why We Are Failing to Address Climate Change

      Climate Change Challenge – Solution

Pinker vs. Harari on the Future of Humanity

Double Down

Give and Take in Modern Complex Society

Fantasy – Is It All a Fantasy?

Weed Identification

Despair in Modern Life