Maximizing Human Potential



Change and the Human Analytic Perspective in Science, Life and Reality

Pace of Change vs Societal Adjustment

Searching for Unification – Closing In on an Answer

How Both Science and Religion Get “It” Wrong

Respecting the Scale of Our Ignorance

I Don’t Know

Light, Sight, Sense and Reality

Human Knowledge of Reality – The Big Picture

Reality – An Infinitely Remote Target

Time – Change

Science, Religion and Spirituality

Yes….But, Assessing the Global Condition of Modern Complex Society

Importance of Sleep and Dreams for Subjective Reality

What If……

Reality – Surface Complexity, Underlying Simplicity


WHY DO WE EXIST? – The Ultimate Question

Human Energy Field and Art-Ritual in Dynamic Humanism

Matter, Energy, and Human Capabilities in Understanding Reality

Hallelujah – An End Note

      Commentary On the Energy Perspective in My Version of Hallelujah

The Fallacy of Dichotomous Conceptions of Reality

Separateness Versus Connectedness

Three Essay Set

      Development of the Dynamic Humanism Research Perspective

      The Underlying Reason Why Western Civilization Is At Risk

      Humans – Nothing and Everything – A Matter of Perspective

Our Most Essential Human Problem

Remember the Good Ole Days…..Finding Meaning in Human Life

Six Essay Set

      The Fundamental Human Problem – Perceptual Limitation

      Justifying the Spiritual – Unification Perspective on Self and Reality

      Is Human Reality an Illusion?

      The Role of Energy in Theories of Everything

      Human Reality and Flexibility in a Totally Integrated System

      Is Is All There Is

Five Essay Set

      The Fundamental Dynamic – It’s Really Quite Simple

      Energy Perspective in Science, Human Energy Fields and Medicine

      The Energy Perspective and Resistance to Change in Science

      Air Affair – The Matter and Energy Dynamic in Reality

      The Underlying Energy Basis of Reality

Two Essay Set

       Think About It

       Viewing Reality in Terms of Mass-Less and Mass-Based Energy

Poof – Dealing with the Human Illusion of Limited Time and Scale

Science as a Belief System

Scientific Theory in Light of The Only Constant is Change

Conspiracy Theories and Science

Conspiracy Theories and Science – Addendum

Christmas Eve Service