Maximizing Human Potential



Human Consciousness, Blessing or Curse?

The Creative Use of Memory

Delight and Despair – Personality and Experience

Critical Thinking and Decision Making

The Power of Repetition Combined with Reward

Complex Human Mind – The Implications for Civilized Society

System Flexibility and Human Free-Will

The Fallacy of Dichotomous Conceptions of Reality

For Essay Set

      The Fundamental Human Problem – Perceptual Limitation

      Justifying the Spiritual – Unification Perspective on Self and Reality

      Is Human Reality an Illusion??

      Human Reality and Flexibility in a Totally Integrated System

Overview – Reality, Mental Modes, Religion, Spirituality and Truth

Intuition – Intellect: The Dialectic of Human Life


Time – Change

Value of Metaphor

Matter, Energy, and Human Capabilities in Understanding Reality

Importance of Sleep and Dreams for Subjective Reality

Hallelujah – An End Note

      Commentary On the Energy Perspective in My Version of Hallelujah

Three Essay Set

      The Fundamental Dynamic – It’s Really Quite Simple

      Energy Perspective in Science, Human Energy Fields and Medicine

      The Energy Perspective and Resistance to Change in Science

Science as a Belief System

Fantasy – Is It All a Fantasy?

Living the Illusion

Our Most Essential Human Problem

Religion and Human Decision Making

On Love

Consciousness and Reality

Reality – My Path to Discovery

Universal Consciousness??

What If…..Implications for Psi

Living The Contradiction


Never – Ever – Always

WHY DO WE EXIST? – The Ultimate Question


Assessment, Greer, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind


Only the Shadow Knows” 20/20

Stress – Cause and Effect